Are you a techie, an investor or just an IT enthusiast who wants to get the most out of the IT revolution? The low/no-code FlowMates community has something interesting for your development.

In the blog you will find useful content related to IT transformation, digitalization of business and optimization of these processes using low/no-code tools.

In addition, you will read various instructions and real-life cases from the founders of FlowMates, which will explain how to benefit from low/no-code and take your organization to a high level.


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What You Need to Know to Become a Low/No-Code Specialist: Tips for Beginners

Low-code and no-code are two approaches to application development that allow you to create software without having to write code. They speed up the development process and make it accessible to a wide range of specialists. Therefore, low/no-code and the graphical interfaces and configuration tools they offer are an attractive choice for business users who […]

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Who Are Citizen Developers: A New Look at Modern Programming

The modern era of digital technologies brings with it a lot of innovations and changes in various industries, including software development. One of the most relevant trends in the programming world is citizen developers. Who are they, how do they influence the IT sphere, and what can we expect from them in the future? We […]

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How Low/No-Code Technologies Are Changing Business: Opportunities and Prospects

Today, business owners need to be aware of the latest trends to stay competitive in the market. One of these trends is low/no-code development. Low/no-code technologies are a modern approach to application development that does not require writing code or requires a small amount of it to create software. Instead, developers use visual tools and […]

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The Best Low/No-Code Solutions Available on the Ukrainian Market

Today, business and development go hand in hand. However, access to programmers and developers is not always easy and affordable. In such cases, low/no-code tools come to the rescue – they allow you to create applications and solutions without deep programming skills. This trend is also gaining momentum in Ukraine. Therefore, below we will look […]

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Defy the Challenge of Digital Transformation: 5 Reasons to Switch to Low/No-Code

Digitalization has become a top priority for companies across all industries. Constant changes in technology and consumer behavior require businesses to respond quickly and flexibly. In this article, you will learn how the low/no-code approach is becoming a key tool for businesses in the digitalization process and why you should choose it. 5 Reasons to […]

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Low/No-Code Platforms: Types and Advice on Choosing

The emergence and rapid development of low/no-code platforms is a response to the growing demand for digital transformation and automation in various business sectors. The thing is that traditional software development can be time-consuming and costly and requires specialized technical expertise. In contrast, low/no-code platforms simplify the application development process and allow users with minimal […]

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