Who Are Citizen Developers: A New Look at Modern Programming

The modern era of digital technologies brings with it a lot of innovations and changes in various industries, including software development.

One of the most relevant trends in the programming world is citizen developers. Who are they, how do they influence the IT sphere, and what can we expect from them in the future? We will talk about this further.

Citizen Developers

Who are citizen developers

Citizen developers is a term that has gained immense popularity in the IT world in recent years. These developers, who have no specialized education in programming, use low-code development tools to create applications, websites, and other software products.

Citizen developers are used in various areas of our lives.


Many small and medium-sized enterprises have started using low/no-code platforms and citizen developers to create their applications and automate business processes. This allows them to save time and resources that were previously required to hire experienced developers.


Citizen developers are actively involved in the education sector, where they help students and teachers create educational applications and platforms. This increases access to education and allows for the creation of personalized learning environments.

Civic engagement

In many countries, citizen developers are employed to create applications and web resources that promote civic engagement and government transparency. This increases their participation in governance and decision-making.

Civic engagement

Why citizen developers are important

Firstly, citizen developers democratize development: they make programming accessible to a wide audience that does not have a technical background.

Secondly, citizen developers offer businesses efficiency and savings: they quickly create prototypes and applications, which reduces development time and costs.

In addition, citizen development allows for the development of creative ideas and solving many problems that might have remained unsolved before.

Wrapping up

Citizen developers are not just a fashionable phenomenon, but also a promising trend that will continue to develop. And low/no-code communities and development platforms such as AppSheet, OutSystems, and others are experiencing amazing growth in user base and development volume.

In the future, we can expect the growth of low/no-code development tools, as well as the demand for citizen developers. New platforms and tools will appear, making development even more accessible. More industry-specific solutions will also appear: citizen developers will be actively used in various industries, including healthcare, finance, and public administration. In addition, citizen developers will play an important role in civic engagement and the transformation of society through technology.

Citizen development also has many risks that need to be taken into account. For example, the software may be less secure and reliable than software created by professional developers. However, the potential of citizen development is enormous. These technologies can help solve some of the most complex problems we face today.

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