Smart lectures
16.08.23 - 19:00 (online)
22.08.23 - 14:30 (offline)

Use of AI technologies in business processes: the role of low/no-code and extreme no-code

Today, AI has completely changed the approach to managing business processes. Low/no-code and extreme no-code platforms have become key tools for companies, allowing them to create applications and processes without the need for programming. In combination with Ai, these tools allow you to create solutions faster and more efficiently without the need to hire programmers. That's why low/no-code and extreme no-code are in such demand among businesses looking to increase their efficiency and competitiveness in a fast-changing market

What are we going to talk about?

Together with our partner Sense Hub, we are starting a series of smart lectures, workshops, and masterminds to help more owners of businesses and startups learn about the benefits of low/no-code and extreme no-code in combination with AI and effectively use their advantages.

The speakers will share their professional experience and talk about different approaches and methods that will be beneficial to you. In addition, you will learn the areas for applying these technologies and the important steps for their implementation.

Out speakers

This time, speakers will include Andriy Bidochko and Ruslan Orlyk, who will discuss the role of AI and low/no-code and extreme no-code in the modern world and business sphere
Andriy Bidochko
An artificial intelligence expert and serial IT entrepreneur
Andriy will provide examples of successful cases of applying these technologies to optimize business processes. The CEO/CTO & founder of and CTO & co-founder of will also share valuable tips and answer all your questions.
Ruslan Orlyk
CEO & founder of IT postach, CVO & co-founder of AIDEBOT, and Sales
Ruslan will give his recommendations on the use of AI and low/no-code and extreme no-code.

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offline: 22.08 - 14:30
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