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02.04, 19.00
How does the effective combination of No-Code & AI change the global IT industry?
The webinar will be beneficial for:
Entrepreneurs aiming to digitize their businesses
If you own the project and seek ways to digitize its processes without hefty budgets and technical specialists, the webinar is precisely what you need. You'll discover the possibilities of no-code & AI that can be implemented in your business shortly and efficiently. Join the webinar to transform your project.
Vendors and Integrators
If you represent a company specializing in creating no-code and AI solutions, this event offers invaluable insights into top trends, emerging approaches, and the industry's future. Furthermore, you can expand your network within the webinar participant chat. Join us to stay updated with the latest information.
For all No-code and AI enthusiasts
If you don't fall into the categories mentioned above but have a passion for new technologies and are intrigued by artificial intelligence, our webinar will also be highly engaging. Here, you'll gain fresh and fundamental insights from experts in No-code and AI. Join us to expand your knowledge in the realm of emerging technologies.
Are you still unsure or interested in the no-code industry?
The statistics speak for themselves:
Almost 60% of the custom apps are now built outside the IT department. Of those, 30% are produced by employees with limited or no technical skills.
Gartner predicts No-Code Low-Code application platforms will remain the most significant component of the no-code low-code technology market through 2024, increasing nearly 30.2% from 2020 to $9.9 billion.  
The global no-code and low-code platform market is forecast to amount to $65 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. 
Yaroslav Kologryvov
Yaroslav Kologryvov
Co-owner and Development Director at "PLATMA", a Ukrainian-based low/no-code platform

His expertise spans:

  • Fundraising: startup and venture capital fund investments
  • Startup launch strategies
  • Creating innovative ecosystems, including co-founding the Sikorsky Challenge and managing NTUU "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, named after Igor Sikorsky" science park
  • Scientific focus on Foresight, with a defended dissertation and over 20 scientific articles authored
What will be discussed:
The essence of no-code development
Opportunities and challenges of no-code and AI
How no-code platforms empower non-technical users
Tips and best practices for building AI solutions in combination with no-code tools
Emerging trends and innovations
After the webinar, you will gain the following:
Updated knowledge and understanding of the No-code industry and practical tools
Opportunity to expand your networking with fellow webinar participants
Chance to join the unique international community FlowMates
A discount for participation in the Baku No-code Summit
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