Demo Day

7th of Sept
3:00 CET
1 hour
Maxym Prokhorov
Co-founder & CEO
Serial entrepreneur and investor with more than 50 enterprise automation projects
Yaroslav Kologryvov​
Сo-Founder & CBDO
Launched the Sikorsky Challenge and increased the number of R&D requests from vendor companies by 300%, and investments in startups increased to $26mln
Dmytro Nechai
Chief Architect Officer
Lecturer of NTUU "KPI" of software architecture,  experienced specialist with more than 12 years of development​
Viktor Kaftan
Lead Business Analyst
Senior lecturer of the AI and Data Analysis Department of the Odessa Polytechnic University. 10 years in business consulting, 30+ projects as a CEO, COO and CDTO.
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Improve your business faster
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