11:00 - 17:00
Hyatt Regency Baku
Bakikhanov str 1, Baku 1065
NO-CODE summit
Baku 2024
What exactly is this project about?

The No-Code Summit is a unique international technical conference that informs, popularizes, develops, and provides knowledge in the no-code and AI industries. This time, we will gather in Azerbaijan, in Baku, to offer maximum networking, development, and inspiration opportunities to all interested in this industry.

We will also introduce the FlowMates community - organizers of the event. You'll learn more about the prospects and benefits of being part of this exosystem and how to become a part of it.

The digital community of Azerbaijan attending the event will have a perfect opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into such topics:

Learn impressive cases and what to pay attention to get your company or startup visible.
Discover how to quickly find the necessary information to make informed management decisions based on real examples of low-code automation.
Create an MVP project on the low-code platform.
Collaborate with investors and global startups, take part in vivid discussions, and be part of the digital world's evolution.
Who can expect the most impact from participating in the No-Code Summit?
For newcomers and all No-code and AI enthusiasts:
If you're not professionally involved in the AI and no-code sphere yet but are intrigued by new technologies, the No-code Baku Summit is undoubtedly relevant for you. Here, you'll get fresh and foundational information from experts that will be clear even to newcomers. Join us to expand your knowledge.
For vendors
Get ready for an exceptional conference where networking isn't just an option – it's a prime opportunity to connect with potential clients and investors for your AI and no/low-code solutions. Expect to forge new partnerships, gain insights from industry leaders, and supercharge your growth trajectory. Join us at the summit.
For integrators
Get ready to expand your network and discover new clients for your digital solutions at the summit.You'll also have the chance to enhance your expertise by learning about innovative approaches and tools to offer your clients. Also, you'll connect with experts who can enrich your team.
For educational companies
You'll have the opportunity to expand your networking in the no-code sphere. You'll gather contacts from talented individuals who can become speakers in your educational company. Perhaps graduates from your company could become part of these companies. We look forward to seeing you at our summit.
For investors
You'll connect with talented representatives from diverse companies. There will be time at the summit and conditions for more in-depth conversations with representatives of startups, and perhaps, you'll be among the first to spot their potential. Join the summit for access to numerous potential investment projects.
For consumers of digital solutions
At the summit, you will be able to better understand the possibilities of new no/low-code and AI technologies to make your business more efficient and profitable. Here, you will also meet experts to expand your team. So, there is no need to doubt. Get ready for new technological discoveries and empower your business.
Meet our speakers
Dmitriy Levkovich
Vice President of Digital Business at Noventiq
Investing in the Extreme No-Code platform from a business perspective
Derin Keskin
Investor Relations | Regional Director Eastern Europe & Central Asia DOMiNO Ventures
Yaroslav Kologryvov
CBDO & Co-Founder PLATMA
Miguel Martin
President SDGs STI Committee at World Business Angels Forum, affiliated partner G20 GPFI
Welcome drink
Start - Investment Panel

"Unlocking Potential: Investing in Low/No
Code Solutions"

  • Discussion on investment opportunities in
    low/no code.
  • Panel discussions with venture capitalists and
  • Highlighting key success factors and
Investment Discussion

"Navigating the Investment Landscape:
Insights and Strategies"

  • Analysis of successful investment strategies in
    low/no code.
  • Exploration of specific cases of successful
  • Open forum for discussion and interaction
    with the audience.
Coffee Break
Technical Panel

"Building Tomorrow Today:
Technical Insights into Low/No
Code Platforms"

  • Live coding demonstration using
    low/no code tools.
  • Tips and best practices for
    effective development.
Business Panel

"Driving Innovation: Leveraging
Low/No Code for Business Growth"

  • Showcase of successful use cases
    of low/no code in business.
  • Strategies for fostering innovation
    through low/no code.
  • Final advice for businesses on
    leveraging platforms.
Buffet and
Your time
Join the exclusive no-code AND AI event at the lowest prices
30$ - 50 AZN
AFTER 22.04 PRICE: 40$ - 70 AZN
  • Attend all lectures and panel discussion
  • Join the no-code community "FlowMates"
55$ - 95 AZN
AFTER 22.04 PRICE: 70$ - 120 AZN
  • Attend all lectures and panel discussion
  • Have a networking dinner with event participants
  • Join the no-code community "FlowMates"
  • Chat and exchange your ideas during the coffee break
  • Welcome drinks are included
80$ - 135 AZN
AFTER 22.04 PRICE: 100$ - 170 AZN
  • Attend all lectures and panel discussion
  • Have a networking dinner with a limited group of 50 speakers and investors
  • Join the no-code community "FlowMates"
  • Chat and exchange your ideas during the coffee break
  • Get an exclusive registration desk, "fast-track"
  • Watch the whole program from front-row seating
  • Welcome drinks are included.
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Our mission

By organizing tech conferences and making low/no-code tools and resources accessible to everyone, FlowMates are moving towards digital transformation. Striving to create a code-free environment, the community can quickly implement innovative digital solutions without significant technical efforts.

As today's startups and companies face a competitive landscape and market changes, we believe they must apply all the benefits of low/no-code automation to the maximum. That is why we are committed to transparentizing this process with minimal additional effort.